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Wine Word of the Day – “Cru”

Dole AOC Valais - Grand Cru“Cru” is a French term that translates in English to “growth” and is the past participle of the verb “croitre” (to grow). Cru is also a French wine term that is closely related to “terroir” in the sense that it defines a specific natural environment in which a grape grows and which has a notable and particular type of cultivation. Wine label designations such as “Grand Cru” and “Premier Cru” translate to “Great Growth” and “First Growth” and therefore define a wine’s innate quality and that the wine comes from a reputed terrain. Top Swiss and French wine producers make extensive use of the terms to designate levels of quality that can be various depending on the wine region.

Wine Word of the Day – “Cru” author
Sean Duncombe
Owner of swisswineimports.com
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